Tourism in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has been a member of the UNWTO since 1993. Today Uzbekistan and UNWTO enjoy close cooperation, which contributes to the growth in the tourism potential of the country, expansion of its relations with other countries with regard to tourism, and distribution of the cultural heritage of the Great Silk Road. 

Together with other 24 countries, Uzbekistan participates in UNWTO Silk Road Program, which was launched at the UNWTO General Assembly in Indonesia in 1993. 

In 1994 the representatives of 19 countries got together in the famous Registan Square in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, and adopted the Samarkand Declaration on Silk Road Tourism.

In 1995, initiated by Uzbekistan and supported by the UNWTO, the annual Tashkent International Tourism Fair was established; and in 2004 the UNWTO Silk Road Tourism office in Samarkand was opened to coordinate the Silk Road Tourism efforts of the participating countries. In October 2010 the UNWTO international meeting on the Great Silk Road tourism development was held, which resulted in a new plan of actions with regard to the Silk Road tourism for 2010-2011. This document, in the opinion of the UNWTO senior officials and many participants and guests, is a practical platform for implementation of initiatives and projects concerning tourism development on the historic road, which once connected people and countries for centuries.

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