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Kyrgyz Republic – Country assistance strategy progress report for the period FY2007-FY2010

This Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) progress report provides a review of the World Bank Group’s program in the Kyrgyzstan for the period mid 2007 to mid 2009. The progress report provides an assessment of progress in implementation of the strategic commitments outlined in the CAS, a verification of the efficacy and relevance of this strategic approach and present any necessary adjustments in the strategy and the modalities for implementing it.

The CAS was designed as part of the Joint Country Support Strategy (JCSS) in support of the Country Development Strategy (CDS). The four priority areas for CAS engagement are:

  1. promoting economic management consistent with strong and sustained pro-poor growth;
  2. improving governance, effective public administration and reducing corruption;
  3. building sustainable human and social capital;
  4. environmental sustainability and natural resource management.